Aliens look like………..?

Suppose someone presented you with two baby goldfishes.

Your admirer says one goldfish is Cheeko and the other is Meeko.

Now, how on earth will you know which one is which.

This is the same with almost all animals……you cant differentiate between two eagles, two rats, etc.

So, it brings us to our first conclusion:

Aliens of the same species will appear the same to us.


You can’t say who is John and who is Martha!

Now,  I don’t know how many eyes they have, but they sure can see objects in 3D . Why?

Well, without 3D vision, their kind cannot evolve to survive in this universe.

But, it is not necessary that they have eyes!! What if they possess some sense organ similar to our eyes(like infrared goggles)…? They may rely on sounds like bats. Just imagine, their TV would not display anything but its speakers are the best in the universe!!

Let’s take the case with “Aliens invading us”.

Such aliens will be technologically more developed than us.

They will possess something similar to our hands or else they would not develop from their version of stone age.

They surely like nitrogen as we got plenty of it…….not necessary that they breathe oxygen…….or they need water.

But surely, if they are invading us,then they need something from our planet……atleast the pleasure of killing us!!!

How will they talk to each other?

They may produce sounds, or they can emit radio signals or other encoded EM waves.

Anyway, sound will not be the only medium of communication.

Will they dress?

Most probably YES!!

Why? Well,our developed civilisations use…….in aesthetic sense, protective sense,etc.

So, aliens that are developed enough to invade us will wear dresses.

What do they breathe?

Well, oxidisation is the easiest way breakdown food. But it doesn’t necessarily require oxygen.

How do they multiply?

They may divide themselves like cells. They may have boys and girls among them.  They could also have boys,girls and goys(a third kind) among them.

Anyway, as the number of kinds increases,the chances of surviing till now would decrease.

If  humans could multiply by himself or herself,we would be a much larger population by now.

How long does Aliens live?

Long enough to transfer their knowledge to their offsprings and develop their knowledge……….without so much time,their kind cannot improve their life.

Do they have hair?

If they live in a liquid(not necessarily water), they are less likely to have hair.

If not, they would most probably possess hair  or some remnants of hair like substance that was meant to offer somekind of natural protection while they were evolving.

Do they goto schools and colleges?


Do they play music?

Music is universal language. But they may not know music.Surely some kind of entertainment will be there.

Do they have internet?

Yes. Only then will they develop so much.

Do they have jails?

There could be aliens who disagree with their leaders. But such aliens may be killed immediately. So, aliens may not have jails.

Can they teleport?

May be.

Can they see the fourth spacial dimension?

If they can,we are DEAD!!!!

In all they look something similar to this:what-makes-us-human_1

Yes.They will look more like uman.

Only then will they be cruel enough to invade us!!!

Mr. Moon says,”NASA needs an Exorcist !!!!”

Oh i cannot bear the pain……

NASA got possessed by the devil on June,2009. And today what happens?

They are going to hurt our dear Moon…..our own little night bulb!!!!bombing moon

NASA is going to drop a bomb on moon today(9-oct-2009) at 11:31 a.m.
They hope to make a small crater of 2metre deep and hopefully reveal the ice hiding in moon.

But i wonder if it is actually ice they are going to find……what if they mistook it for ice…
what if it is actually some explosive material similar to ice?

Whatever may the result be, I am of the opinion that NASA has to guarantee that they are not going to blow up our Moon……

They should insure it!!!!

Yeah…….insure it for US$  5000billion.

Or they should make an alternate arrangement if we lose the moon……..

Children love the Moon………they draw Mr.Moon….they watch him with wide open eyes.

We all live for our children,right?

Won’t we buy them a nice toy?

Then why can’t we just leave the Moon alone? For our children’s sake.

What if NASA’s bombing destroys the moon………because of some unexpected explosion.


But they don’t care…..they’ll just say :

It was a malfunction with the systems. We are  Extremely sorry. End of discussion!”

Just like they say it everytime when US bombs and kills innocents.

All i say is that :

“If NASA wants to know about water in the moon,let ‘em send a robot there to dig it………if the moon gets damaged due to this bombing…….if i see even a slight crack……..NASA will never be forgiven………..NEVER!!!”

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and start saving our moon!!!


If you wish to destroy the moon,take a look into the sky……it should probably have a sight like this soon…..