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Mars, Earth and Life

This is like a summary of the book i am writing in my mind

It deals with :

1)how life came to earth

2)how mars became red(…or better yet DEAD)

Let us start with our present life on earth.

We live in a planet with its surface mostly covered with water.Till today we haven’t found a single life form that do not rely on water directly or indirectly.

and what are we doing right now? We are heating up the earth so that all water on the earth will evaporate off.

What if that is what our ancestors did in mars.

I am not saying that life first originated in Mars and it was then transported to earth…….What if all that mars lacked in its existence is the “Ice age”.

The ice age on earth has helped in delaying the technological advancement of the human species… we are a bit late in killing earth.

Didn’t understand?

Well, then it is storytime…….

sit in a circle around me and hear

“The birth of the twins.”

On January 1st,in the year Billion billion B.C., there was a marriage.

The day started of with more joy than ever before. On this day, the handsome Mr.Milkyway Galaxy is getting married, again.

Do you know who the bride is?

Well the groom is really big… the unlucky bride should be really small.Her name is Miss Solar System.

(Skipping the rest…… can read it in my book)

Anyway later she gives birth to 9 kids.


They were named:

1)Mercury, the runner

2)Venus, the beauty

3)Earth and 4) Mars ,the blue ones

5)Jupiter,the bully

6)Saturn, the master of the mystic rings

7)Uranus,8)Neptune , the naughty kids  and 8.5)Pluto, the new born baby.

As you read, Earth and Mars were twins. They were alike in all respects.

Both grew up to be filled with water and had green pots of vegetation all over them.

They even grew a white ice cap on their head.

On their 5th birthday, Earth and Mars Got their gifts……each got a tiny cell……you know “a micro-organism”.

They planted it in them and each grew organisms on their surface……which evolved into many species……..Whatever happened on Mars happened on Earth too.

When they were 8 years old, both Mars and Earth had species looking like Elephants…….Those on earth were called Mammoths and those on Mars were called Martian Mammoths.

But soon, earth caught a cold……a cold that was spread by the virus named ICE AGE .

Anyway , earth got cured in a week.

However, the evolution of species on earth was stopped for that week.

So, at 16th birthday,when Mars already had their first aeroplane, the highest tech the humans on earth could develop was the claypot.

If  Mars developed Cotton candy on 1st june, earth developed it a week later……..that means earth developed cotton candy on 8th june.

A few months later, the Mars had species that could make atom bombs, spaceships and a lot more……….they even sent a few martians to the earth ………martians with telepathic powers.

The humans on earth called them Jesus, Krishna and a whole lot of other names.

Anyway, after a few days, the industries on Mars were making it smoke a lot of cigarettes……Mars got engulfed in that smoke containing every kind of gases except Oxygen.

mars suffocating

All species on Mars suffocated to death.They rot and the blood spread all over Mars, making it red.

Mars died on December 24, 23:59:59.99 hours.

This was the time when Galeleo, a member of the homosapiens species on earth, invented the telescope.

At present, the date and time is December 31, 23:55:55 hours.

So, if Mars died on 24th Dec, Earth would die on 24+7=31st Dec.

There are only a little over 4 minutes before Earth is choked to Death.

We will increase industrial production………for better living……..production of industrial wastes is then a minor side-effect.

We will make weapons………and fight for peace………..destruction of earth’s lifeforms is then a minor side-effect.

We will pollute……….recycling is so costly……………..Global warming is then a minor side-effect.

Like these, there are many side effects to our activities………


(minor side-effects) multiplied a 100,000  times= major side effect= Death of earth at Dec 31, 23:59:59.9 hours.

red earth

We have to cure the wounds we made of our planet, or our solar system will have two red planets!!