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jupiter stripes

Jupiter is getting back its lost belt

One of Jupiter’s stripes went missing Earlier this year. The Southern Equatorial Band (SEB) started to get lighter and paler, and eventually disappeared.

Now, follow-up images from both professional and amateur astronomers are showing some activity in the area of the SEB, and scientists now believe the vanished dark stripe is making a comeback.

The reason Jupiter seemed to ‘lose’ this band – camouflaging itself among the surrounding white bands – is that the usual downwelling winds that are dry and keep the region clear of clouds died down,” said Glenn Orton, a research scientist at JPL.

The stripe, known as the South Equatorial Belt (SEB), is located just south of Jupiter’s equator and can be seen with amateur telescopes. It is usually brown, but last spring, it turned white. In early November, amateur astronomer Christopher Go of Cebu City in the Philippines observed a prominent bright spot in the unusually whitened belt – which astronomers are calling a “storm’ on Jupiter. This bright spot caused professional and amateur astronomers around the world to turn their telescopes toward Jupiter.

After follow-up observations with NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF), the 10-meter Keck telescope and the 8-meter Gemini telescope, all atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, scientists now believe the stripe is making a comeback.

The white band wasn’t the only change on the big, gaseous planet. At the same time, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot became a darker red color. Orton said the color of the spot – a giant storm on Jupiter that is three times the size of Earth and a century or more old – will likely brighten a bit again as the South Equatorial Belt makes its comeback.

Jupiter, our Hero and Saturn is his trusty sidekick!

Do you have any idea how many threats our dear Earth face from the cosmic terrorists……..probably not.


Because we are protected by a super macho bodyguard…..

Standing a 133,708km tall,wearing the super cool whirl-wind t-shirt designed by God himself and armed with telekinetics beyond your wildest imaginations…….and always taking those mega sized meteors into himself……

here is our Jupiter



How is Jupiter so important for us?

Think it this way:

Space has billions and billions of meteors and comets and God knows what else flying all over the universe.Because of probability, there is a small chance that such cosmic bodies could hit the earth…..only a very small probability of about one meteor of the size of the moon after every earth years. But our Jupiter, with that beautiful Saturn by his side, using his God given telekinetic ability of Extreme gravitational attraction will haul these meteors onto itself…..just like the bodyguard takes a bullet for President Obama!

The gravity of a heavenly body is somewhat proportional to its mass…..

just think…. a bully at school who weighs 100 pounds and another bully who weighs 500 pounds. Surely the heavier one is a lot stronger.

just like that, Jupiter has much more mass than our earth…..infact,jupiter is 300 times heavier than our earth.Due to this chunk of mass, it has more gravitational force at a point ,say 100,000km from it than the same force that our earth can generate.

When a meteor ar any object passes near jupiter,it experieces jupiter’s gravitational pull ……it gets pulled into jupiter.

Thus jupiter takes  in a lot of meteors a day that the earth can simply go around the sun, singing “here we go around the marigo round”.

now Saturn is something similar to jupiter



Saturn is big but not as heavy as jupiter.But it does keep a lot of meteors in its rings……thus keeping all those nasty meteors that were born during the birth of solar system from moving about the galaxy.

If it weren’t for Saturn talent to keep those rings spinnig around him always, those meteors would just break off and flow into the galaxy.Atleast some of those meteors would reach earths orbit and hit us….

Jupiter Impact

Now the meteors we are we are talking about are really big….some are as big as moon, some are bigger than moon…..if one of them hit our earth……KABOOM!!!!!….we are history…..we’ll just be blown into smithereens.

And it is because of their selfless protective attitude, God gave them the super cool coloured surface…….know what that surface is, its just dusty wind….a few tornadoes…..too….small tornadoes  that can house about 10,000 football fields in it.

Inside jupiter and Saturn is just super compressed gas… liquid hydrogen and other gases in liquid form.

So, that’s it

Once again we are safe

Thanks to Jupiter and Saturn.