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Some people say man is unique and special than all other organisms. But, every man is unique compared to other men. We have certain likes and dislikes.
Being a higher organism, both socially and intellectually, we have to make certain preferences all through our life, and almost everyday. We’ve to make certain compromises to lead a happy life. One such critical choice we make in our lives is regarding our career. So, most people will settle for a job that helps them pay their bills in time.

But, that is no easy task. The usual mantra is ‘Work, work and more work‘. In that busy schedule, most find little time to relax. But, it is a basic necessity for all human beings, to sit back and relax. This is again where we all differ in our preferences. The method of relaxation is influenced by personal preferences.
Somewhere in the process of civilization, our ancestors realised the necessity to relax their minds from the tiring work. So, they developed methods to entertain themselves. The performing arts thus became a part of their lives. The magical nature of music and dance made them popular among people. The soothing effect of music is acknowledged all over the world. The power of music to relax our mind and body is a scientific fact.

Soon, literature emerged as a means to entertain people. Language became a tool for expressing ones fantasies to fellow beings and make them relax by taking them into a new world, where they are away from their own worries. Poets added beauty to language, while fiction writers added imagination. Many a writers have mesmerized the world through their writings.
Literature based performing arts like drama, followed suit. The power of language combined with the beauty of visualization made drama a popular artform. The era of theater was thus born. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous play-writers in the world. The ancient Indian play-writer, Kalidasa wrote many epic plays that are still considered the strongest pillars in our literary world.
The invention of photography greatly contributed to the enhancement of visual beauty of arts. By combining photography to theatrical arts, a new artform was established – Cinema. Cinema improved the freedom of expression and pushed the theatrical arts to newer vistas. Camera added flexibility to the imagination of our writers. The cinema could focus more on the emotions of the characters than a drama could. This made cinema, the most popular mass entertainment media in the world.

As time progressed, more and more mass entertainment medias were introduced. Presently, the internet too has become a means of entertainment. Though it is not an entertainment media in the real sense, it can still be considered as one.
The preference of a means of entertainment is personal. It depends on the mindset of the person. Some listen to music, while some others watch movies to relax. Whatever be the means of entertainment, the ultimate aim is the same. But, the important thing is that we should find some time to relax and cool off. Our mind and our body needs it.


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2 replies on “Entertainment”

I agree with you. Each of us have our own like and dislikes. Nowadays, a lot of entertainment medias are appearing in the city. But we cannot blame our selves that we really enjoy watching it. This is one way to relax our mind. Thanks for sharing.

I totally agree with you.Entertainment may also provide fun, enjoyment and laughter. The industry that provides entertainment is called the entertainment industry. Like Cheska said, there are lot’s of entertainment media appearing now on the cities and it only indicates that entertainment industry are rising. Thank you so much for sharing.

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