Beginning Of Life

The Beginning

Yes! I’m free. But I’ve to go find her. It’s not just because I want her, it’s because I deserve her! —

I’m not gonna lose. I’ve to win this race. — Yes! There she is, waiting for me — No!

The others are gaining on me. I can’t lose. This is my sole chance. – Just one leap and she is all mine.


We, human beings are miniature universes. Yes, I mean it. We started off from a single cell, which divided and re-divided to form about 10^13 cells. These cells function properly to keep you alive. Life is contained in each and every cell in our body. This is true with almost all life-forms on our

Earth. Mammals give birth to offsprings, while reptiles, birds, fishes etc lay eggs.

Either way, the development of an organism prior to his entry into this world is quite similar. There are millions of various species that procreate to maintain their kind. Man is no different. But, what is common to all these numerous life-forms on Earth? It’s “Life” itself. The moment life departs us, we are reduced to the status of a corpse. We are worthless without life.

So, ‘What is Life?’. Sorry, I don’t have an answer. So, let’s dig this a little more deeper. We have got a situation here. We can’t exactly define what life is. So, let’s gather some knowledge, beliefs, and some ideas to tide over this situation.

The most widely accepted belief about origin of life is divine creation. God Almighty created life on our planet. The involvement of a divine hand in the creation of the universe and the life on our planet is part of every religion in this world. Various religions have their own ways of telling us how he did it. The extreme improbability of spontaneous creation of self-replicating organisms from inorganic or organic molecules, shown by many (including scientists) is the back bone of this belief. Common people find this theory acceptable, as this can explain a lot many things, while there’s no complete scientific theory to explain origin of life. Faith is the reason why people stick to this. Their faith in ‘The Almighty’ stands tall in the storm of scientific sceptisism. Though sceptics around the world have gunned down this theory for lack of concrete evidences, this is still very, very popular in the world.

Then comes the theory on origin of species. There is no single theory that explains every bit of evidence about life and is above any doubt. Various scientists have put forward at least a dozen models on origin of life on Earth. Some say life was carried by meteorites to Earth (panspermia theory). Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t explain how life originated in the universe.

Oparin – Haldane theory suggests that life originated from inorganic matter in the primordial Earth. The conditions prevailing at that time was very different from the present condition. The planet was very hot, there was no ozone layer to filter out the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Also, the
amount of oxygen in the primordial atmosphere was also feeble compared to present times.

They say, in such extreme conditions, first organic molecules were formed in the ‘primordial soup’. They said, these would form more complex molecules, that can eventually reproduce.

Though this theory is subject to many questions both from scientific circles and from believers, many modern theories take this as their starting point. H.C.Uray and Stanley L. Miller conducted a well renowned experiment in which they created small molecules or monomers called amino acids,
that are the basics of life, from methane, ammonia, water vapour, etc. Amino acids are the monmomers of protein, and proteins are the building blocks of life. More and more researches are going on in this field, and more hypotheses have been put forward.

These works are advancing to their ultimate answer – origin of life. Our body is like a house in which life resides. We build this house through the years to make life comfortable inside. But, life is a very cunning and mischevious fellow. He won’t stay there too long. Sometimes, we make his tenure inside the body terrible. So, he will leave, or rather abandon his home. But, if he finds his house a real home, he will take good care of it.

Even when he leaves, he locks up each and every room, finally locks up the front door (that’s why at old age, our organs stop functioning one by one and we finally die) and gives the home to Mother Earth, to take care of till his next visit.

It’s our duty to make life feel like home inside our body. It is we who protect our lives. But, it is our moral responsibility to take care of our neighborhood also. Each and every life, from that of a tiny ant to our fellow human beings, cost the same. The requirement of life is the same in every body, to prolong the life in that body. We eat, breathe, sleep, run to do so. Every living being does the same. Life is universal. It is the same in every one. That’s LIFE.

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I have one evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. At that time humans were also of giant size. Gravitation force has great influence on biological evolution too. The tendency of gravitation force is towards centre. As the Earth is growing older the tendency of gravitation force towards centre is increasing and compressing us all and making our size smaller and smaller. We have the fossil of giant size rodents. But they are not seen now. Their size have become smaller and smaller even smaller than the size of humans. Dinosaurs are also not extinct. They may be still traced , not in giant size of course.

Gravitation force is the main determinant of genetic mutation. All elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen etc. have been formed by the fusion of hydrogen element on account of action of gravitation force during the formation of a star.

According to His Holiness Maharaj Sahab (1861-1907), the third Revered Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith has described in His book ‘Discourses on Radhasoami Faith’ “that the source of spirit is the true Supreme Being. Whatever forms we find in creation have received their impress from the infinite form first manifested by the Supreme Being, as form is nothing but the arrangement into which energy resolves anything, and the prime energy emanated from the Supreme Being”. I am convinced that this prime energy is Gravitation Force.

Maharaj Sahab further writes in this book, “that the solar systems are travelling in space round Brahamand, and that the Brahmand, too, is making a similar revolution round the spiritual region. During the course of these revolutions, the earth and the solar systems often come near such creations which possess fauna (including man) and flora differing to some extent from our own fauna and flora. The conjunction of the above description often leads to some affinity between the subtler portion of our system and of those of the creations we have approached. Many new forms of life are often manifested on our earth, and their remains are often dug up as fossils of the species not to be found on this earth.

It is now an established fact that seeds of life i.e. DNA, biological cells spread on planets through comets. Panspermia Theory is a confirmed fact. Life spreads in the universe through comets. Dr. Louis, Dr. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar (renowned astrophysicist) and other scientists are working in this area. Professor Nalin Chandra Vikramsinghe, Director, Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, London is also helping in this work.

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