What a Life!

Every living being that walks, crawls or flies in this planet has got a life. But do all of them lead a life? Human beings lead a life (happily or unhappily). From the very second we enter the world, we start living. The life of a man (or woman) is very different from that of another.

Each individual lives in his own world – a world created by him for himself.

Protected from all earthly unhappiness and misery, a man spends the first nine months of his life in the most sacred of all places in this universe, his mother’s womb. It is the sanctum sanctorum of life. Here, everyone is free. The umbilical cord is no chain, it is the pathway of life. There is only one place in this whole universe where all needs of a man are satisfied – inside the womb. Inside the amniotic sac, one spends the happiest nine months of his life. The first cry of a baby not only brings air inside his lungs, but also marks the fall of an angel to a human being. This transformation takes place in about 5 years. This is the initial learning phase of a child. He learns about anything in this world from his mother. He learns how to walk, talk, eat, and a lot other things for his survival and comfort. It is during this childhood phase, that the child  develops his personality. This initial personality has a close resemblance with that of his parents or whoever brought him up. This forms the foundation of his personality. The saying “Child is the father of man” is true to the core.

Then comes the boyhood from 5 to 12 years. This phase is characterized by the slow deterioration of a child’s innocence. The child is slowly becoming a man. He learns a lot about this world from a lot of sources. He makes friends during this period. This is also the school-going phase of a normal child. He learns of a lot of things from his teachers, friends and others. He anxiously looks around the world. He sees a lot and hears a lot. He wants to know everything. He seeks every possible path to know. This unguided, unbridled journey to know the mysteries of the world will eventually cost him his innocence.

The boyhood is followed by the longest phase in the life of a man – youth. This wonderful period in human life is the most enjoyable and most dangerous. The boy becomes a mature adult. He starts enjoying the newly found freedom and independence. His world widens. His friends circle will enlarge, his body will be more powerful. But as far as the mind is concerned, it will either shrink or will broaden. This is brought about by his circumstances. A few years into this phase, he will have to stand on his own feet. He will have to work to earn a living. He needs to make money to live.

This is the most crucial point in the life of a man. He has to choose his master wisely. The world is no utopia. Crooks are all over this world to contaminate it forever. If one happens to be in a wicked group, thriving on other innocent people’s money and happiness, his life is doomed forever. He may lead a spendthrift life in the beginning. But soon, his greed will feed on himself. He can never be happy. He can’t laugh with his heart. But, if he had chosen wisely during the earning phase, he can lead a happy life. This doesn’t mean a fairy tale like “happily ever after”. There may, and will arise problems during his life. But, there will be periods of happiness every time you solve it, till the next problem arise.

In the youthful years of a man, he will find his mate. A life partner, who will change him an his world. This is like the combination of two worlds. He starts a family. He sees the beginning of yet another life, a life dependent on him. A life so attached to him, that he will clear it’s path off thorns, to the best of his ability. This is an optional step. It is up to an individual to skip it, if he doesn’t need it.

The final phase of a man’s life is his old age. The strength and vigour, of which he was once proud of, will be lost. He understands that ‘Beauty is only skin deep’. Even his body fails to obey him entirely. The flexibility of joints are inhibited. Eyesight, hearing and memory too gets affected.

Vital internal organs are preparing to shutdown. And one day, he will have to leave all earthly belongings and DIE. Death marks the end of a life. A life, that once started in his mother’s womb, came to an end. Maybe, after death, we will be waiting in the womb of time to be re-born. Who knows…?

This article was written by Bachelor OF Suspense He blogs At Anything Everything


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