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The Greener, The Better

Every day brings in new hope. We leave the past behind us, and live in the present and dream about the future. We learn from our past mistakes and do things in the present for a brighter future.

The world is getting a tougher place to live. The year 2011 witnessed the 99% challenging the BIG 1%. It’s a competitive world, where the rich become richer and the poor, poorer. In addition to the financial revolution, the world also saw the dawn of a number of public agitations against the powerful. To top it all, the global temperature is rising, and so is the population.

As the challenges in front of us are increasing, we are frantically searching for a solution. Most of us don’t realize that the solution is simple. Actually, the solution IS “Simple”. Be simple. It is actually the complexity of our modern life that poses such challenges to us. The key to a calmer and secure future is nothing but simplicity. It’s not that simple to define simplicity, and even more difficult to practice it. The core idea behind simplicity is to break down the BIG problems that we mankind face as a whole into individual problems, that each one can solve.

In every economy in the world, the major problem a common man face, is the price rise of the essential commodities, especially food. It is a less acknowledged fact that, we choose a career (voluntarily or forced) to feed ourselves and our family. So it’s actually a novel idea to grow some food ourselves. We may not be able to produce all we need. But still, we have to try with the little spare time and some unused space at our home. This may not be practical for everyone of us. But don’t shy away from trying it out, if you have both time and land to spare.
Reducing the carbon emissions is another hot topic of discussion now a days.

With the rising energy demand, this looks like an almost impossible task. Global warming is posing a serious threat of floods and havoc, like a sword hanging right above our heads in a thin silk thread. This global problem can be solved to some extent at an individual level if we stick to energy conservation and energy self-sustenance. Some of the clichéd, yet efficient ways include:

  • Switching off electrical appliances when not in use
  • Regular maintenance of all equipments to ensure higher efficiency
  • Using natural lighting and ventilation whenever ( and wherever) possible
  • Opting mass transport for individual journeys and own vehicles for travel with friends or family
  • The Sun is shining all day right above our heads. If you can, use some solar powered lights or heaters or cookers
  • Improvise existing methods and equipments to make them smarter and greener

These and many more strategies are necessary for the sustenance of life in this Green – Blue planet of ours. The Earth is gifted with life supporting elements and conditions. Once we ruin all that, we wont be able to reclaim them. It was our small steps that made us leap in the past. Don’t let our small mistakes and carelessness wipe us all from the face of Earth. So let’s break the BIG problems of mankind into small individual problems and solve it.

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