What a Life!

Every living being that walks, crawls or flies in this planet has got a life. But do all of them lead a life? Human beings lead a life (happily or unhappily). From the very second we enter the world, we start living. The life of a man (or woman) is very different from that of another.


Beginning Of Life

The Beginning

Yes! I’m free. But I’ve to go find her. It’s not just because I want her, it’s because I deserve her! —

I’m not gonna lose. I’ve to win this race. — Yes! There she is, waiting for me — No!

The others are gaining on me. I can’t lose. This is my sole chance. – Just one leap and she is all mine.

Beyond Life

The Final Act

What do we know? We means human beings. Through the millennia we have acquired a great deal of knowledge. We know about stars, their planetary system, our Earth, life forms on this Earth, laws governing various bodies etc. etc. We think we know about physics, chemistry, biology and all in great depth. But, do we? In a sense, we know a great deal about these all.