Our universe is very vast and mysterious. From the beginning of civilization, we were searching for it’s beginning and evolution. In quest of finding the answers to these ultimate questions, we have stumbled upon various laws of universe. At first, most people considered these laws to be the natural way of being, while a few did study it a little deeper to formulate a set of equations to represent them and use it in future studies. And thus, our knowledge of this universe increased slowly, but steadily. By now, we all, old and young know that these laws are universal laws that can’t be violated.


Aliens Life Universe

Why on Earth…(?)

Till this date, there aren’t available any proofs that are above any suspicion, for the existence of extra-terrestrial life. This compels us to believe that the only inhabitable place in this universe is our Earth. We can be proud of that, till we are proved wrong. In our quest for extra-terrestrial life, we have done many experiments and trials, but in vain. Yet, the quest continues…

Earth Life Origin Universe

Reaction: The Revenge

The face of the Earth has undergone very remarkable changes in the past half-century. It has changed almost beyond recognition. Rewind time to the 1950s. No mobile phones, no internet, no personal computers. All those things that are essential, or vital for our today’s daily life are missing. The world was devoid of all that we consider essential, and yet, people could live happily back then. Rewind to a millennium back. You will find even more necessary items missing. The most important is electricity. In those days, monarchy prevailed, not democracy. Yet people lived in towns and cities, cultivated food, and lived happily. A few more millennia back, you won’t find that too. Just some small groups of people living near their farms, which are usually located near rivers. (There was no Farmville back then!) No kings or countries, and of course, no wars.


The Heavenly Canvas

Many say, the world is a stage, and we are all actors. We play a definite role assigned to us for a particular period. Then we will have to leave the stage. Sure, the world is a stage. What about the sky? The sky is a canvas, especially at night. What we call as sky is an optical illusion. There is no
such thing. We just feel it’s presence. The air particles, scatter light to create an image, that we call sky.


What a Life!

Every living being that walks, crawls or flies in this planet has got a life. But do all of them lead a life? Human beings lead a life (happily or unhappily). From the very second we enter the world, we start living. The life of a man (or woman) is very different from that of another.


Beginning Of Life

The Beginning

Yes! I’m free. But I’ve to go find her. It’s not just because I want her, it’s because I deserve her! —

I’m not gonna lose. I’ve to win this race. — Yes! There she is, waiting for me — No!

The others are gaining on me. I can’t lose. This is my sole chance. – Just one leap and she is all mine.

Beyond Life

The Final Act

What do we know? We means human beings. Through the millennia we have acquired a great deal of knowledge. We know about stars, their planetary system, our Earth, life forms on this Earth, laws governing various bodies etc. etc. We think we know about physics, chemistry, biology and all in great depth. But, do we? In a sense, we know a great deal about these all.