The Greener, The Better

Every day brings in new hope. We leave the past behind us, and live in the present and dream about the future. We learn from our past mistakes and do things in the present for a brighter future.

The world is getting a tougher place to live. The year 2011 witnessed the 99% challenging the BIG 1%. It’s a competitive world, where the rich become richer and the poor, poorer. In addition to the financial revolution, the world also saw the dawn of a number of public agitations against the powerful. To top it all, the global temperature is rising, and so is the population.

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Some people say man is unique and special than all other organisms. But, every man is unique compared to other men. We have certain likes and dislikes.
Being a higher organism, both socially and intellectually, we have to make certain preferences all through our life, and almost everyday. We’ve to make certain compromises to lead a happy life. One such critical choice we make in our lives is regarding our career. So, most people will settle for a job that helps them pay their bills in time.

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The Alchemy of Life

Deoxyribonucleic acid, popularly known as D.N.A is the building block of life. Every organism, except for a few viruses, have D.N.A as their genetic material. It is responsible for transmitting vital characters from one generation to another. But, these are all basic facts known to practically everyone.
The curious fact is that, a few elements is the basic block of life. These complex molecules are responsible for all our characters and helps pass them from one generation to another. Somewhere in the past, due to reasons yet not fully understood completely, the first prototypes of nucleic acids were created. These then combined with each other and became more complex and evolved into life.

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The Operating System

For the functioning of a computer, we need an operating system or O.S. Just like an operating system is necessary for the working of a computer, human beings too need an operating system to keep us working. It’s our mind. It is more complex and efficient than any of it’s man made counterparts. Our mind is the platform that helps us live in a sane and social manner.
All the characteristics of an operating system holds good for human mind too. Mind acts as a resource manager and helps us do our work in an efficient way possible, by suitably allocating our talents for the tasks to be performed. Mind works on the human body, just like an operating system works on a bare machine. Mind translates our thoughts into actual muscular or skeletal action, while an O.S translates high level script to machine code.

This natural O.S known as the mind is functionally more superior to any computer operating system. It is self programmable. In case of computers, new software need to be installed for improving the functionality of the system. But, if these software suffer from any code error, they will malfunction or has bugs. They are not self correcting. But human mind is self correcting and has learning capability, that today’s operating systems envy.
Security is a major concern for developers. The O.S must be impervious to attack of malicious software and hackers. Human mind too has no foolproof security measures. The mind can be easily corrupted by other people, who are much like hackers. These real world hackers inject malicious ideals and ideas into other people. There is an unlocked door in our mind. If someone can spot the location of that door, he may sneak into the mind to control our body.
A firewall can be installed to protect a computer from attack. Likewise, we too should have a firewall to keep intruders out of our mind. It is called conscience. We must weigh each and every of our choices before taking any decision. We must be able to spot the good from the bad. Our conscience must do this vital task for us. We may be tricked into using our instincts instead of our consciences. It will land us and others in danger.
Our mind is usually divided into the conscious and the sub-conscious minds. We may try to be someone, by controlling the conscious mind. But we have our true self inside the depths of our sub- conscious mind. It controls all our involuntary emotions. It’s like the kernel of an operating system. The core around which all other things are developed.
Mind plays an important role in our lives. We can only sense it’s presence, like an in-built software. The role of our mind is so crucial that our very existence as a sane being depends very much on the health of our mind. If an operating system crashes, we can re install it to get the computer working. But if the mind crashes, the whole thing is lost. There is no return from such a situation. That’s the major difference between the human mind and an ordinary, man made O.S. Even if someday, we can re program our minds using some freak technology, the human mind in it’s natural state is far far advanced than it, in many matters.
The mind is the world’s first and the best operating system. It is a free O.S, that comes with such exciting packages like emotions. We must make it secure, as it can control a human being. How you use your mind is equally important as for what you use it. We must keep that in mind.

Jupiter is getting back its lost belt

One of Jupiter’s stripes went missing Earlier this year. The Southern Equatorial Band (SEB) started to get lighter and paler, and eventually disappeared.

Now, follow-up images from both professional and amateur astronomers are showing some activity in the area of the SEB, and scientists now believe the vanished dark stripe is making a comeback.

The reason Jupiter seemed to ‘lose’ this band – camouflaging itself among the surrounding white bands – is that the usual downwelling winds that are dry and keep the region clear of clouds died down,” said Glenn Orton, a research scientist at JPL.

The stripe, known as the South Equatorial Belt (SEB), is located just south of Jupiter’s equator and can be seen with amateur telescopes. It is usually brown, but last spring, it turned white. In early November, amateur astronomer Christopher Go of Cebu City in the Philippines observed a prominent bright spot in the unusually whitened belt – which astronomers are calling a “storm’ on Jupiter. This bright spot caused professional and amateur astronomers around the world to turn their telescopes toward Jupiter.

After follow-up observations with NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF), the 10-meter Keck telescope and the 8-meter Gemini telescope, all atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, scientists now believe the stripe is making a comeback.

The white band wasn’t the only change on the big, gaseous planet. At the same time, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot became a darker red color. Orton said the color of the spot – a giant storm on Jupiter that is three times the size of Earth and a century or more old – will likely brighten a bit again as the South Equatorial Belt makes its comeback.

What is Vacuum?

All men might have gone through a feeling of ‘nothingness’, atleast once in their lives. “Oh! There’s nothing interesting in it”, “What are you doing now?” “Nothing much!”, “I’m totally bored! Nothing to do” are some sentences we often say ourselves or hear others say. What’s common to all these? Nothing but, ‘nothing’.
The term used to denote ‘nothingness’ in science is vacuum. Put in simple, yet scientifically correct terms, ‘Vacuum is a state with no particles’. So, perfect vacuum means complete absence of particles. It is usually difficult to attain physically. Physically feasible, partial vacuum finds many applications in our everyday lives.

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Why on Earth…(?)

Till this date, there aren’t available any proofs that are above any suspicion, for the existence of extra-terrestrial life. This compels us to believe that the only inhabitable place in this universe is our Earth. We can be proud of that, till we are proved wrong. In our quest for extra-terrestrial life, we have done many experiments and trials, but in vain. Yet, the quest continues…

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Reaction: The Revenge

The face of the Earth has undergone very remarkable changes in the past half-century. It has changed almost beyond recognition. Rewind time to the 1950s. No mobile phones, no internet, no personal computers. All those things that are essential, or vital for our today’s daily life are missing. The world was devoid of all that we consider essential, and yet, people could live happily back then. Rewind to a millennium back. You will find even more necessary items missing. The most important is electricity. In those days, monarchy prevailed, not democracy. Yet people lived in towns and cities, cultivated food, and lived happily. A few more millennia back, you won’t find that too. Just some small groups of people living near their farms, which are usually located near rivers. (There was no Farmville back then!) No kings or countries, and of course, no wars.

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The Heavenly Canvas

Many say, the world is a stage, and we are all actors. We play a definite role assigned to us for a particular period. Then we will have to leave the stage. Sure, the world is a stage. What about the sky? The sky is a canvas, especially at night. What we call as sky is an optical illusion. There is no
such thing. We just feel it’s presence. The air particles, scatter light to create an image, that we call sky.

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